Kagura 211 Monaural Power Amplifier


Kagura is a monaural power amplifier with parallel single ended circuit using 211 output tubes achieved after having repeated new challenges with every technical and know-how resource of Audio Note Japan. Circuit paths are shortened and optimized by modularization in each stage. We re-examined key parts, and developed anew where necessary in order to realize supreme sound quality required for Kagura following our techniques cultivated in the development of pre-amplifiers.

In-house made parts are upgraded version of pure silver foiled capacitor, audio grade high voltage oil capacitors, and cut-core choke coil. Many other high grade parts employed eventually made the power supply capacity as gorgeous as about 3/4 of the whole physical size. Only analog amplifiers can make out supple and organic sound world, where music can breathe and get back original sign of presence. We do hope audiophiles who have indulged in depth of music to listen to this amplifier, which is our new flagship gear of another level.

To be launched on December 2013.